Certified to train law enforcement by the Wisconsin Department of Justice in handgun, rifle, tactical response, D.A.A.T.
27 years experience as a law enforcement officer (retired); instructing officer survival subjects since 1980
Originally trained as a firearms instructor through the FBI/WCTC in handgun and shotgun
Carrying legally concealed since 1979

Certified to train armed security officers to obtain a Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services “36 hour minimum course” firearms permit (not just a CCW permit)
Department of Regulation and Licensing (forerunner to the WI DSPS) Firearms Certifier since mid 1980’s
Former member of the Wisconsin DRL Firearms Advisory Board
Approved to instruct the required biennial training for WI DSPS Firearms Certifiers since 2002 (training instructors)

Certified by WI DOJ to offer Wisconsin CCW permit training
Instructing CCW techniques and tactics to civilians (for out-of-state permits), off-duty, undercover officers and detectives since 1990
Certified NRA Instructor in Home Firearms Safety, Certified Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home

Our training is recognized and approved for WI residents to apply for non-resident CCW permits in Florida, Arizona, Virginia and numerous other states as well as a WI resident CCW permit. We also offer basic, intermediate, continuing education and advanced training including: firearms safety, concealed carry tactics, tactical movement, shooting on the move, the use of cover and concealment, team tactics, weapon retention, low-light/no light shooting, the use of lasers, and more.

We use
-plastic firearm simulators

10525996_10152590392934882_1729815388785827100_n -Airsoft weapons with paper, cardboard, plastic silhouettes, knock-down and flip targets, protective masks and equipment

-S.I.R.T. pistols with laser ranges using several software programs and speaker systems to transform laser bursts into the sound of gunfire

-live fire training on a law enforcement range (closed off to allow for movement and advanced shooting drills) use of a shoot house, steel shoots and more for pistol, rifle and shotgun.

Firearms training is not new for us, nor is it all we do. We have a long record of teaching other   “dangerous weapons” including edged, impact, and improvised weapons as part of the Filipino martial arts and police training, along with practical and effective unarmed tactics. (Note: knives, “billy clubs” and electronic weapons are also included in WI’s CCW permit.)  Because of extensive experience teaching each of these areas already, we offer a unique ability to teach “integrated tactics” that few can match.

We have a reputation for training people who, because of their occupation or environment, need to use the skills we teach them. The people we train have a reputation for being able to use those skills successfully.