Our Mission

If your job description or situation demands that you Control or Protect others, you must also be able to Protect Yourself. We provide instruction in all levels of force, from Presence and Dialog, Control and Protective Alternatives through the use of Deadly Force. This includes all “tools” from O.C. (Pepper Spray) through Firearms, from the classroom, through “hands-on”, to providing Expert Review and Testimony.


“Training Solutions” started as a concept in 1980 when Thomas Sipin was first accepted and certified as an Instructor for Police and Security Officers by the “Justice System Training Association”, then the premier organization for training in the U.S. The Director was Dr. Kevin Parsons (CEO of A.S.P.), who was also responsible for developing Wisconsin’s statewide training standards – one of the country’s first. Starting in 1979 when Mr. Sipin became a LEO, realizing that using force for Defense / Protection, Control and Apprehension under strict laws, standards, policies and procedures and with increasing options and equipment (both as a benefit and a hindrance) he started attending advanced tactics and instructor training that was available. With previous and continuing (“moonlighting) experience with “hands-on” private security and crowd control, added to Police Patrol in a cruiser, on foot, a boat and a bike – as a Training Officer, SWAT team member and Rangemaster – on the street, checking policies and procedures, testifying in depositions before commissions and in court – from first aid through deadly force – that experience is passed on in our programs.


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Law Enforcement / Security

Mr. Sipin is a 27 year veteran of the police force, with a comprehensive background in firearms and tactical training. He brings his real-world experience to the classroom for students who will depend on this knowledge in potentially life-threatening situations. Mr. Sipin served for 6 years as a SWAT Unit Officer, and 5 years as a full time Trainer. He recently retired after 27 years of service as a police officer. He has been training Police and Security officers for 27 years with numerous state and national certifications. Mr. Sipin leads training in firearms, defensive and arrest tactics, impact weapons, OC (pepper spray)/personal aerosol tactics, edged weapons defense, and sudden custody death syndrome. He is also a police cyclist instructor. Mr. Sipin has thorough training and experience in personal security and crowd control. His vast experience in these areas allow him to teach practical self-defense techniques that have been proven over time in the field.


“I can attest to the fact that it is some of the best training I have received in my 19 years as a military policeman and in the private security industry!” – Mark Zamborini, Owner Internal Investigative Services

“Class and expertise were all anyone could have wished for and then some.” – Thomas Herbert, Vice-President PAWLI, Fed. L.E. Officer (Ret.)

“I would gladly recommend this training for all licensed investigators and anyone who is exposed to situations of bodily threat.” – John Schatzman, Past President PAWLI

“I admire your desire for your students to learn and your ability to instruct them to a high level of competence.” – Stephen P. Harlow, Board Member, WI DOJ Tactical Advisory Committee – D.A.A.T.

“Knowledgeable and experienced instructors . . . with meticulous classroom instruction and fundamental hands-on training.” – Terire D. Fears, Security Training Coordinator, Potawatomi Bingo Casino