Our Lil' Dragons program for students Ages 4-7 is a great way to start training in the Martial Arts

With personalized attention, a low student/teacher ratio, and a curriculum designed by experts, our Lil' Dragons classes offer an excellent introduction to the martial arts for your child.

In our Lil’ Dragons Class, your child will learn self-defense techniques in a safe and fun environment, develop strength and flexibility, and build skills that prepare him or her to succeed in future martial arts training.



Your child will also learn important life skills such as respect, leadership, and teamwork. We focus not only on physical development but on a whole life approach to making good choices that affect both their mental and physical health. As we specialize in dealing with younger children, we keep class moving to capture their attention and keep them engaged with the material.

Lil' Dragons Students after a promotion ceremony

Lil' Dragons Students after a Promotion Ceremony

All children, regardless of prior experience or physical challenges, can take part in all aspects of class. Children learn to get better for themselves, not because of competition with others. As a result, the students quickly make friends in the classes.

Our self-defense curriculum was developed by a team of experts, including a former SWAT officer who trains police, military, and security personnel in personal defense, and a Ph.D. expert in child development. This curriculum is not regular adult instruction scaled down; it’s specifically designed for children to learn quickly and easily.

Accomplished Instructors

Instructors Chez Misko, Jun Davantes, and Kris Vasquez-Davantes leading a Lil' Dragons Class

Instructors Chez Misko, Jun Davantes, and Kris Vasquez-Davantes leading a Lil' Dragons Class

Classes are led by instructors Mr. Chez Misko, Mr. Jun Davantes, and Dr. Kris Vasquez-Davantes, all of whom have more than 20 years experience in teaching Martial Arts to children. Our weekly Lil’ Dragons classes are specially designed for students 5-7 years of age.

Your child will learn extraordinary self-defense technique, how to move with speed and power, and develop great flexibility. They will also learn leadership skills and a “Yes I can” attitude.

Start Your Child Today!

A Lil' Dragon Student receives a new belt after a recent promotion ceremony.

Through our Lil' Dragons curriculum, students will have a chance to work hard towards goals.

Our Lil’ Dragons classes are offered late Thursday afternoons at 4:45pm and also on Saturday mornings at 10:00am. You can view our complete schedule here.

We offer a six-month membership, as well as a month-to-month membership. FREE uniforms will be offered to NEW students who enroll in our six-month membership.

For families with more than one child, we offer a 25% discount for each additional family member.

We also reward student referrals with discounted rates. If you refer a new Dragon to our program, you’ll receive 50% off one month of your child’s membership.

Ready to begin? Starting a course of study in the Martial Arts is one phone call away.

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