Our Family-oriented training atmosphere is a great way for parents and children to share the benefits of Martial Arts training.

A Path to Black Belt

White Belt -Focus in class is on basic technique and coordination.
Yellow Belt – Focus in class is on putting techniques together into combinations, more complex relationships.
Orange Belt – Focus in class is on self-defense, developing power and efficiency in learned techniques, with an introduction to interactive training methods, including specialized equipment, and weaponry.
Green Belt – At this level, students are introduced to grappling, boxing, non-striking control methods such as locking, manipulations, and pressure points. Students begin working with simulation suits as well as an introduction to other weapons (nunchakas, bokken, etc).
Blue Belt – Focus in class is on interactive boxing and grappling drills, dealing with resistance, control methods, pressure points. Students make use of more simulations and scenario-based training.
Purple Belt – Focus for Purple Belts is on proficiency in the skills that they have learned up to this point, refinement. This includes the use of weapons such as PR-24’s batons, staff, bokken, and nunchakas.
Red Belt – By this point, the Student has learned all of the skills they will need for black belt. The focus in class is on refining these skills.
Brown Belt – At Red Belt students were refining their skills, by Brown they should be using them. Focus at this rank is on gaining experience utilizing those refined skills.
Black Belt – This level symbolizes the difference between knowing and fully understanding what has been learned, why the student has learned it, and why it is just a jumping off point for their training.