Martin was around 14 years old when he first joined Four Winds Martial Arts. He met with Kelii Sipin and got into his first class on the same day. From that day forward, he did not miss a single class until going to college four years later at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The hard work paid off during this time when he became a black belt the summer before classes started. Now that he has graduated college, he is finally getting back into classes and working with new students.

Since returning from college, Martin has focused on helping new students with learning what they need to know for earning their next belt, with a focus on proper technique and body mechanics. When it comes time for tournament season, he helps train our students by coaching and sparring against them. In his own words, the reason he continues to come to Four Winds is because “Ever since the first day of class, I’ve always felt like I was part of a team. It was only as I grew up with Four Winds did I realize it had become like a family to me. All the instructors and the students that go there show a great amount of respect for each other and because of this, fosters a great learning environment.”