Jun Davantes has been training in the Martial Arts for more than 25 years. Starting in Tae Kwon Do in 1980 Jun moved on to 7 Start Praying Mantis after a year. He studied the Praying Mantis style for just under 6 years before moving into the Long Fist style of kung fu called Chang Chuan. Jun trained under the late Grandmaster Yin for three years until his professional career took precedence over Martial Arts training, resulting in a period of 2 years without training. Returning to Milwaukee in 1992 for graduate school, he resumed his training under Mr. Sipin at Four Winds Martial Arts.

Jun has been with the school ever since. Under Mr. Sipin’s instruction and guidance, he earned his 2nd Degree Black in Doce Pares Escrima and his 2nd Degree Black Belt Karate.

Jun was the Regional & National Champion in stick fighting and forms at both the 1996 and 1998 tournament seasons. At the 1996 WEKAF World Tournament in Carson City, CA, he placed 2nd in the overall standings.

Meaning of Martial Arts

“I often tell people that the Martial Arts has become a lifestyle rather than a hobby for me. I attribute the arts for helping develop the discipline and strength that I needed to avoid the negative elements that were all around while growing up in the inner city areas of Chicago. It’s been instrumental in helping develop the person I am today. My wife Kris and I hope to share the positive influences of the martial arts with our kids, Ana, Jaden and Kyan as they get older.”

Being an instructor

“I love teaching the martial arts. Seeing the evolution of a new student into the upper ranks is very rewarding. Four Winds Martial Arts teaches such a broad spectrum of techniques and disciplines that it’s easy for new students to become overwhelmed. Guiding them through our curriculum and encouraging them to stick with it is a major part of the excitement that I get out of teaching.”