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Handgun Techniques, Tactics and Training

When: Sunday, February 16, 2018 – 10:0am – 6:00pm

Why come to us for Firearms Training, when you can get your WI CCW Permit listening to a 3-hour lecture in a hotel, where you don’t even have to touch a real handgun? 

Consider taking training where you learn more about the “how and when” as well as learn and practice the techniques and tactics to use your firearm. Many people and places can satisfy the requirement for your piece of paper, but what you’re also paying for is the knowledge, training and experience of the Instructor. When it comes to personal protection and the use of weapons, it would be hard to match what we have to offer.

Synopsis of our Basic CCW class:
– Legal points and requirement of WI’s CCW Permit, Castle Doctrine, Threat Assessment, including information of edged, impact and electronic control devices
– Weapon function and selection — Revolvers and Semi-Autos, Learn and practice loading and unloading,
“Show and Tell” of several different weapons
– Ammunition selection, Holster/Carry options, Insurance considerations
– “Shoot, No Shoot” considerations and video
– Learn and practice concealed carry access and techniques, CCW Tactical considerations — When / Why / How
– Handgun Shooting basics using our Laser handgun trainers (S.I.R.T. Pistols)

Where: Four Winds Martial Arts – 2038 S. 114th Street, West Allis
Class Cost: $125 p/person; 2 or more immediate (same household) family members $100 p/person

For information or to register, please contact Sue @ 414-541-3656 or 4windsma@gmail.com 

Pre-registration Deadline: Monday, February 12, 2018        Register early; class size is limited.

Please see photos and video from previous classes:


Continuing education is also offered. 

Instructor Thomas Sipin is a retired 27-yr. Police veteran, that has been instructing Martial Arts since 1972, teaching practical “personal protection” since 1976, and training Police, Security and Military personnel in “officer survival” since 1980. A certified Instructor for Tactical Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun, Tactical Response, Defensive Tactics, Edged, Impact, and Improvised Weapons, He has trained students and Instructors in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His experience and training not only in the “use of force” and personal protection, but also court testimony and as an expert witness, provide him with an ability to teach this course, that few can match.