553273_730364283723656_6911534908585486344_nFirearms: Intermediate / Situational Training and Tactics

Sunday, March 22nd

10:00am – 5:00pm




Your Permit confirms your right – It doesn’t give you the ability. In this class you will learn and develop better skills. Skills, techniques and tactics that will greatly increase your ability to use your handgun, not just carry it. 

This session will reinforce your basic fundamentals, explain the importance of situational awareness in different common circumstances, introduce new techniques and give you practice using them. When to shoot , Why to shoot, and How to shoot under different conditions and positions, along with considerations as to when, why, and how Not to shoot.

* How long does it take you to react?

* Do you understand the difference between “Combat Accuracy” and “Precision Shooting”? And Why and When each would be important?

* Do you know what kind of accuracy you’re capable of under “good” conditions, and how much it will deteriorate under stress?

* Do you have basic shooting skills? Do you understand basic tactics? Can you put them together effectively without stress? Rooms, hallways, doors — how do you keep someone out? What if you had to go in or through them?

* How can you learn to do these things Under Stress? Safely? and Effectively? In 360 degrees and with other people all around you?

In this class we’ll show you. You Will learn and develop better skills. Skills, techniques and tactics that will greatly increase your ability to Use your handgun, not just carry it. And you’ll do it safely, learning and practicing important skills that are impossible to do any other way. After a short classroom review and overview, you’ll use our S.I.R.T. Pistol Trainers, L.A.S.R. Range and dummies to learn and train, and then participate in different “live” drills and scenarios to put together and use these skills. The S.I.R.T. Pistols have, and are being used to train Police, Military, Special Units, and many top shooting competitors. They are the same size, and weight as a standard Glock pistol, but fire a Laser instead of a bullet.

Check the pictures and videos from prior classes. When you fire the S.I.R.T. Pistols there will be the sound of gunshots. There will be different sounds when you hit the right target or when you miss. It will be possible to “track” where your shots went. With proper shooting skills it will be easy to start. It will involve decisional shooting, it will involve movement and tactics, it will be stressful. It will be fun.





If you were to go to a range and just shoot the drills we will be doing in this class, the cost of ammunition alone would be in the hundreds of dollars – AND – it would only be in one direction, with no other people in the way, with no movement and no tactics necessary OR Allowed.

The best way to become proficient is to train – correctly and repeatedly. The easiest way to motivate to train is to enjoy the training.

Cost: $100 p/person; 2 or more immediate (same household) family members 20% discount

Instructor Thomas Sipin is a retired 27-yr. Police veteran, that has been instructing Martial Arts since 1972, teaching practical “personal protection” since 1976, and training Police, Security and Military personnel in “officer survival” since 1980. He has trained students and Instructors in the U.S. Europe and Asia, and serves as an expert witness and consultant in several different areas.

His experience and training not only in firearms, but edged, impact weapons and personal protection provide him with an ability to teach this course, that few can match.

For information or to register, please contact Sue @ 414-541-3656 or fwma@wi.rr.com

Deadline for registering – Wednesday, March 18th. Class size is limited.

–Thomas Sipin
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