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Basic Eskrima

Instructor Thomas Sipin has been teaching martial arts for 35 years. His edged weapon program has been approved and purchased by the USMC and Homeland Security. Mr Sipin is a 9th Degree Black Belt in the Filipino system of Doce Pares Eskrima under Dionisio Cañete and is a former Director of the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF).

Volume 1:Instructor Thomas Sipin and his son Kelii, a fourth degree Doce Pares Eskrima black belt, will show you the basic techniques for single stick eskrima. These techniques include gripping, multiple strikes, and the classifications of strikes. The Sipins will also instruct on some advanced strikes and twirling, as well as basic attacks, abesedario, and tapi-tapi.

Volume 2: Intermediate Single Stick and Introduction to Double Stick Eskrima. Expands on the basics of single stick eskrima and introduces the basics of double stick eskrima. The double stick curriculum includes basic warm ups, strikes and twirling, and arko with footwork. The Sipins complete this segment with instruction on double stick abesedario, ska-hulog, corto orihinal, and partner drills. APPROX. 42 min

Volume 3: Eskrima Disarms, Locks, and Takedowns. Learn to defend yourself from eskrima attacks with multiple defense techniques. These techniques include empty hand disarming, single stick disarming, striking with disarming, locking abesedario with and without takedowns, snaking, and live hand control. The Sipins also include variations of each technique to enable you to defend yourself from any type of attack. APPROX. 54 min

Volume 4: Eskrima Trapping Drills and Introduction to Controlled Sparring. Introduces trapping drills and controlled sparring. Includes stick trapping as well as knife trapping. The Sipins then show you how to counter attacks with controlled sparring. These exercises include both trapping to single and multiple counters, again including variations for each technique for a more enhanced instruction. APPROX. 48 min

Volume 5: Introduction to Stick and Dagger. Introduces eskrima stick and dagger techniques. This video includes lessons on blocking, angle attacks, abesedario and serra todo. The Sipins instruct on three and five count abesedario drills along with six count abesedario and double three count abesedario. APPROX. 51 min.


Intermediate Eskrima

In 2005, Mr. Sipin became the first person born in the U.S. to earn the rank of 9th degree black belt and be named a Grandmaster of the Filipino Martial Art of Doce Pares Eskrima.

Volume 1: Corto Abesedarios and Basic Forms. Grandmaster Thomas Sipin, his son Master Kelii Sipin and Guro Jenny Noval will show you Doce Pares forms 1 through 4, with a sword and dagger variation. Also covered are drills to improve your close range attacking, checking, and countering including Doce Pares’ Corto Kurbada.

Volume 2: Larga Mano Abesedarios and Intermediate Forms. Grandmaster Sipin, Master Kelii and Guro Jenny introduce Doce Pares forms 5 through 8, and address long range attacking, countering and movement drills.

Volume 3: Intermediate Weapon Disarming and Locking. Grandmaster Sipin, Master Kelii and Guro Jenny teach trapping, locking and disarming drills against both stick and knife attacks.

Volume 4: Training for Competition Stick Fighting. Grandmaster Sipin, Master Kelii and Guro Jenny demonstrate how to improve your training for competition stick fighting with striking combinations to develop continuous hitting, along with footwork and movement drills.

Volume 5: Intermediate Knife. Grandmaster Thomas Sipin, his son Master Kelii Sipin, and Guro Jenny Noval demonstrate intermediate knife techniques such as emergency evasion, angles of attack, blocking, trapping, passing, and techniques for knife vs. knife.

Volume 6: Empty Hand and Palm Stick. Grandmaster Thomas Sipin, his son Master Kelii Sipin, and Guro Jenny Noval show you intermediate empty hand skills using hands, feet, elbows and knees for attack. Transition drills to apply your weapons training to empty hands for checking, passing, limb control and destruction are covered. You will also learn palm stick techniques, combinations and tactics for striking, blocking and controlling an attacker. Also applicable to small flashlights or similar objects.


Advanced Eskrima

Stick Grappling and 2-Hand Techniques. Grandmaster Thomas Sipin takes you through the rarely taught, but extremely practical methods of using a stick to grapple at a close range.


Introducing a Padded Stick Program to Your School

Grand Master Thomas Sipin guides you through an exciting padded stick training program in this DVD. The DVD demonstrates basic attacks, blocks, and counters that can be easily and quickly learned.


Hardened Target Self-Defense

Filipino Martial Arts, edged weapons tactics adopted by USMC instructors and firearms training are all part of the curriculum.

Volume 1: Emergency Tools – Personal Weapons

Volume 2: Ground Tactics and Impact Weapons

Volume 3: Dedicated & Universal Training Drills


Defend, Control, Apprehend

Thomas Sipin is a 27-year police veteran (ret.) hired to do instructor training in edged weapons by the USMC and integrated force training for Homeland Security.

Volume 1: Defensive Alternatives – Establishing Control and Escort Procedures. Sipin goes through the more common concepts of using force to defend people or property by law enforcement or security officers. To defend an officer against assaultive behavior, Mr. Sipin walks through focused strikes efficient for the average officer, and demonstrates diffused strikes to temporarily incapacitate the subject. You will also learn positioning, approach tactics and how to initiate physical control.

Volume 2: Stabilize and Secure. In volume 2, Sipin explains and demonstrates handcuffing of a standing, compliant subject, followed by directing a resistive subject to the ground and disengaging or escalating to ground stabilization application of handcuffs, and returning a controlled subject to a standing position for transport. Included are drills to develop proper body mechanics and power.

Volume 3: Impact Tools. Sipin shows carry options, portability, proper methods of opening and closing the expandable baton, striking combinations in a closed and opened mode, two-handed baton strikes for crowd control and close range, movement and targeting exercises.