Our Programs

With recent and justified concerns with Self Defense training that actually works, “reality based” attitude and action is nothing new for our staff. Consider our instructor’s background, education and EXPERIENCE, along with the success and satisfaction of our clients. Our programs are designed to offer real world knowledge, not just marketability.

From our Lil’ Dragons program for students ages 5-7 to our Adult Martial Arts programs, we have a class to fit your need.

With international affiliations and years of experience in personal development, Four Winds Martial Arts offers students in the Milwaukee area a rare and challenging environment.

Our Students

Four Winds students develop an honest respect for people as people, not just the pretense of respect and discipline. Four Winds students learn that all people deserve respect not just because of some belt they wear, meaning parents and elders. Students develop a healthy respect for each other because they are all there working as hard in every class.

Four Winds students learn to have an honest appreciation for their skills and abilities, avoiding a false sense of confidence in their abilities.

The curriculum at Four Winds presents a blend of many different skills. These are skills that we feel are important to a well-rounded Martial Artist, including boxing grappling, kicking, striking, practical and efficient movement.

Students will also learn about health and physical fitness through the Martial Arts. We teach students to train with methods that have been shown to have the best overall effect strength, flexibility, conditioning, with insights from sports medicine, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Our Facilities

Students of Four Winds are often referred to as being spoiled. Four Winds has such a wide range of training equipment available for students, how can they not be?

Our ever-increasing list of training equipment and apparatus includes:

  • Six Large Hanging Bags
  • Matted Floors, 2 separate classrooms
  • Stick Fighting Armor, Gloves and Helmets
  • Stick Fighting Dummies
  • RedMan Tactical Training Suits
  • Fighting Man Dummies
  • Multiple Fist Gear Suits and Helmets
  • More than several dozen kicking shields and focus targets
  • Heavy-Hands weighted dumbbells in assorted sizes
  • Mirrored walls with stretching bars along 2 sides of our main workout space
  • Clean and private changing rooms, men & women separate bathrooms
  • Seats for spectators and parents
  • Assorted training weapons including sticks, staves, nunchaku, training knives, training handguns, straight and side-handled batons, and much, much more.

What you’ll need to bring

During your first lesson you will need only bring a pair of sweatpants, a t-shirt or similar loose-fitting clothing. Our staff members will help you get set up with a uniform and all the equipment you will need for your training.

How to start

Ready to begin? Starting a course of study in the Martial Arts is one phone call away. Contact us today: 414-541-3656 4windsma@gmail.com