Because of his insight into blunt and edged weapons, and his knowledge of Law Enforcement, use of force, and physical confrontation, Mr. Sipin is often called upon to testify as an expert in his field.

Cold Case Files on A&E

In 2001, Mr. Sipin appeared in an episode of Cold Case Files, produced by Kurtis Productions, Ltd., for the A&E Network.

The Case  

Entitled "Footprints in the Snow," the segment was part of Hour 25 of the Cold Case Files. The case involved an unsolved murder in which a homemade Martial Arts-type weapon known as a Nunchaka was used.

Mr. Sipin provided insight to the investigators into the nature of injuries possible with such a tool, and the likely cause of the injuries documented on the body.

The outcome

As a result of Mr. Sipin’s testimony, the primary suspect was linked to the murder and convicted, and a 9 year-old murder case was finally closed.