Martial Arts Training

For nearly 40 years, Four Winds Martial Arts has represented a standard of training in the Midwest US, including Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Fitness, as well as Certified Law Enforcement and Security Training.
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Hardened Target Program

When a criminal assault occurs, the Victim is on the scene long before the Police – You are your own First Responder.
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Training Solutions

Some occupations require the “use of force” to Control or Protect others. Officer Survival means from the street to (or thru) the courtroom. Experience Does make a difference.
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For 40 years, Four Winds has represented a standard of training in the Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Fitness, Law Enforcement & Security Industry.

Our Recent Work

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Firearms: Intermediate / Situational Training and Tactics

This session will reinforce your basic fundamentals, explain the importance of situational awareness in different common circumstances, introduce new techniques and give you practice using them. When to shoot , Why to shoot, and How to shoot under different conditions and positions, along with considerations as to when, why, and how Not to shoot.

Firearms Training: CCW Permit Plus More

Why come to us for Firearms Training, when you can get your WI CCW Permit listening to a 3-hour lecture in a hotel, where you don’t even have to touch a real handgun? BECAUSE YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE TO USE ONE!

World Tournament Fundraiser

7:00pm – This evening is the Final Event Fundraiser to benefit the FWMA students who made the US National Stickfighting Team. This team will be competing at the Global Stick & Blade Alliance (GSBA) World Championship Tournament in Rome this July.

We will be holding a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, and other FUN events, as well as having live music from Mr. Sipin’s band “Shakey Ground.”

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